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What is Global Won


So….What is Global Won?

Global Won is a collective, collaborative decision-making and communication platform or hub, that is powered to allow masses of stakeholders and influencers to come together to systematically and democratically address any and all of the challenges we face as a society.  Empowered by algorithms that strategically suggest and invite stakeholders and solutionaries alike, Global Won holds the space for the conversations we need to have in a way that allows all pertinent voices to be heard and considered when making decisions that affect large groups of people and other stakeholders. .

Technically speaking, Global Won creates crowdsourced solutions by combining distributed data systems, pattern matching algorithms, and block chain technology that streamlines the decision making process into a process that is weighted by the contribution and value added by each stakeholder or, as we call them, UPSTANDER. As compared to the cryptocurrency, BitCoin, Global Won follows an abundance based model vs. the scarcity based model baked into the mining of each additional unit of BitCoin and other like currencies that are currently circulating.  

The currency of Global Won will be called Influence. Time, Talent, or Treasure Contributions to the Global Won platform will be rewarded with units of Influence that can be redeemed in a variety of ways.  Influence may be converted within Global Won into units of Influence when decisions are being made.  Influence may also be traded and redeemed on exchange platforms that will convert Influence to other forms of currency and value, including but not limited to the US Dollar (USD).

The next step of this unfolding is to customize the Global Won Software Platform.  There is a technology called the Automated Collaborative Engine (ACE) which we will customize to meet the mission and vision of Global Won. This customization project will occur in several phases. 

Phase 1 Scope (Budget $10,000)

In this phase we get to create the feature set specific to the Global Won Initiative.  We will convene panels of stakeholders who get to share input into what will become the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the Global Won Platform. The scope will serve as the roadmap for the launch of this technology into our stated initiatives when our community of Solutionaries get to shine!