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Intentional Community Living Update From David Flamm

What started in March 2020 as an idea to create a couple of destination ranches for families, elders and kids has blossomed into the nationwide commUNITY GRID network movement of startup and existing farms and ranches as well as retreat and wellness centers around the U.S.

We provide a network of tranquil, beautiful nature destinations for stressed out individuals, families and groups where they can step away from everyday life to rest, work, play, learn, heal or live.

Well-Come to R.A.N.C.H.


Rest And Nature Can Heal

Nature. Beauty. Rest. Healing. Empowerment.


Care Farms & Ranches. 

Wellness & Retreat Centers. 

Benefits of joining the commUNITY GRID Network

For farms, ranches, care farms, retreat and wellness centers

  • How to make a profitable living while living off the land
  • How to utilize intergenerational, empowered mutual mentorships and grandfriendships for volunteer projects, workforce, education, art co-ops, global initiatives, enrichment, etc.
  • Use of the ACE Platform technology application to intelligently connect GRID members with similar missions and projects around the US and the world to:
    • collaborate, grow and learn from each other
    • share talent
    • do collaborative marketing to attract local and vacationing customers for events, stays and experiences
    • focus on a cause
    • provide education about agriculture, ranching, business, agritourism, etc.
  • Fundraising through with programs such as the yoga UNITE events and Tech Academy
  • Create customized temporary and permanent jobs in to reinvigorate workforce opportunities in rural America
  • Through Agritourism offerings, provide tranquil, beautiful destinations where people can rest, work, play, learn, heal or live.

Want to learn more?

Join us on our commUNITY GRID

Bi-weekly Zoom calls

The 1st and 3rd Thursdays

8am pacific

9am mountain

10am central

11am eastern

ZOOM in at

For visitors and residents

Benefits of going to a commUNITY GRID destination:

  • Experience how nature and beauty has a big impact on releasing your stress, anxiety and worry
  • Receive the calmness of working with and hanging around animals, trees and plants
  • Customized jobs or experiences for you, family or groups
  • Learn how to work the land and take care of animals on farms and ranches
  • Learn skills from artisans such as weaving, painting, carpentry, gardening, jewelry making, printing press, spinning wool, etc.
  • Learn how to pitch a tent, start a campfire, forage for food, fishing, hunting, etc.
  • Receive holistic services to make your stay enjoyable and therapeutic
  • Rediscover yourself by participating in various retreat options
  • Wellness centers provide a custom plan for your stay
  • Enjoy special events throughout the year

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