Warren Goodenow

Warren developed Chimorel in 1969 when watching thousands of kids, return to the Department of Youth Services. It was heartbreaking. He is the Executive Director for Chimorel Services Inc and the Director for Chimorel Group LLC. He provides Executive and Career based coaching and welcomes working with socially minded entrepreneurs.

Today, Chimorel programs help individuals, small businesses and nonprofits with an eBay Store (Chimorel4U), an electronic recycling program, a Create a Career and I Got a Job program and approximately 20 other programs. We ask tough questions. We hold high expectations. We don’t give up. If you want to change your life, we offer an opportunity to work through the issues you face.

Warren has decided that the best way to deal with the systemic problems we face throughout the world is to design ways to help one family, one business, one employee, one child at a time and to ask one concerned citizen at a time to invite others to participate. At the moment you are that concerned citizen and you are invited. Together let us reach out to 50,000 people and make the world a little better.

Warren has counseled thousands of individuals; taught hundreds of students; helped more than 1000 find jobs; assisted dozens of large and small businesses, corporations and nonprofit groups; hired, fired and trained scores of employees; and planned many, many programs – as various opportunities unfolded. Along the way he developed a comprehensive recycling program; uncovered more than 2000 strategies to hsupport individuals and organizations; and is willing to support you when you’re ready.

Born in 1942 Warren’s not yet ready to retire. There is still plenty of time to make things happen. Will you join him as he continues to do something about those kids who kept returning, the world they live in, and the challenges you face in your life? Perhaps together we can enable Chimorel and Global Won to continue to help thousands of people even after we both have found a quiet place to rest.

"One At A time"

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