Cheryl Bassitt

Award-Winning Creator of the Unstoppable Family Meeting Toolkit
Host of the Kitchen Table Conversations Show
Inspired by her own family’s journey, Cheryl’s work for creating unshakable, unbreakable families is recognized as one of the top 5 Next Best Brilliant Ideas for Humanity.

As an International Best-Selling Author and speaker, she shares that journey and a true pathway of how to connect with your family for life. Her message is grounded in 4 Gifts that give families everything they need to listen, respect, support and celebrate one another.

She is also an Award-Winning Creator of Unstoppable Family Meeting Toolkit. Cheryl’s message doesn’t stop at the kitchen table…her 4 Gifts are powerful at boardroom tables everywhere.

As host of the Kitchen Table Conversations Show, Cheryl features guests from all over the world. The show covers the fun stuff to the tough stuff and everything in between…all designed to ignite new conversations, strengthen families and to create a positive ripple in the world.

To discover the 4 Gifts and uncover more of Cheryl’s work visit my website

"#1 International Best-Selling Author"

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