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In 1976, one of Dr. Ren Halverson’s karate students was abducted at knifepoint. That unfortunate event led Ren to create the FEARLESS DEFENSE SYSTEM, after extensive research, and with help from law enforcement and rape crisis centers. The Fulton County Police recruited his help and endorsed his classes in Atlanta from 1981 – 1988. Ren has taught over 10,000 women, children and Law Enforcement Personnel the Fearless Defense System. A number of women have been attacked after completing the Fearless Defense System. NONE were hurt, and ALL successfully crippled their assailants and fled, except one who calmly talked her way out of the situation. Ren and his Fearless Defense System appeared in the May 1985 issue of Newsweek Magazine.

Calm The Mind During An Attack

The initial class teaches how to calm the mind in high pressure situations, the difference between conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind and how to empty the mind to learn quickly as well as respond appropriately to whatever the threat.  What is often called empty mind is really the state uncluttered by any conscious thought banter internally so the ability to focus fully on what is taking place and react in the manner you are trained – with no extraneous thoughts that potentially may delay reaction response

Attack And Counterattack Partners

The best way to take the class is with a partner – that way a ready practice format for both the attack and the appropriate counter is set. (We recommend safety glasses and a cup for male partners.) Both partners  learn each attack and counterattack responses for future practice session based upon the attackers angle of approach


" ... He has now developed the Fearless Defense program, a four-hour seminar which teaches families self-defense and rape-prevention techniques. Men, women and children can benefit from this program which teaches the mental and physical techniques needed for self defense."
Representative Jack Kingston 1st District
"I took the Fearless Seminar with Dr. Halverson at our medical complex last year. The material was very in-depth, easy to learn, and Dr. Ren never went on to the next segment until everyone in class had the technique down! We all learned so much. The book and DVD are great because we can review at home with our families. I highly recommend Fearless to every woman in America."
Elizabeth in Brunswick

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Why Learn Self-Defense?

  1. Women and children in particular have never been more at risk from violent attack by kidnappers, sexual predators and human traffickers than ever before worldwide.
  2. Crime and lawlessness including mugging, senseless beatings and robbery have never been higher targeting elderly or anyone who appears easy prey. Part of this is from de – policing efforts in major cities and states in the US but is also a worldwide effort.
  3. Every individual if attacked Must know Exactly how to respond instantaneously- mentally, physically to survive and escape unharmed from a professional predator’s assault.
  4. Attackers are more prevalent and bolder then ever before- they are also now often funded and members of organized criminal enterprises- particularly regarding human trafficking. 5) Statistics reveal 1/5 children will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime and 1/7 female college students will suffer the same experience, fate. SOLUTION- There are essential things everyone must be trained in and know in the event of an assault. 
    1. Mental and physiological knowledge of Exactly how to turn their fight / flight response into a huge asset/ instead of allow Fear to escalate to Panic which blocks any pure counterattack response. 
    2. How to enter the calm subconscious reaction area of the mind which frees your trained technical know to react and immediately cripple a stronger, trained attacker to successfully escape unharmed.
    3. How to offset a much heavier, stronger attacker’s physical advantages after they violently initiate an assault by using the elements of Leverage, Balance and cause instant Neurological shock. 
    4. How to not be an attractive target to a predator/ ie Does and Don’ts, including avoiding potentially dangerous areas and situations that put you at risk to be attacked in the first place, and specific profiles of the 4 personality types that define sociopathic criminals. 
    5. How to study and practice in an organized and systematic way to ensure you and your family fully learn the material for specific attack scenarios correctly and reflexively. When you are attacked- there is No Time to think- you must react instantly and precisely to survive and escape unharmed.